BrowBeat Beauty, LLC is the creation of California native Willie Acklin. Hard work and consistency are what make this creative thrive.

We specialize in detailed brow shaping and sculpting by means of trimming, waxing and tweezing. We also offer a range of personal grooming services for both men & women: Brow and lash tinting, Airbrush/ Makeup application intimate hair removal, men's Manzilian (Brazilian) wax, full body waxing and skin care treatments. Got a pimple that popped up? Try out one of our ClearTouch Lite services, it'll be gone in a matter of days. We feature space aged and nano-technology in most of our facials using the Rezenerate Facial™, and LED light therapy your face will be glowing plumped and primed for whatever! I LOVE my gadgets!


We are located within the Phenix Salon Suites, Rm 118 on Rhode Island Row in Northeast DC


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A well-lit professional grooming studio that is private, chic with an updated atmosphere .

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by appointment only. 


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 CA, DC, MD & VA

Licensed & Insured



We accept cash and Major Credit Cards